Dock Awake: Prevent your display from sleeping while docked!

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** Motorola Droid (Android 2.0) & Car Dock or Media Dock Required **

Change your phone settings when docked!

This program will adjust your phone settings when your phone is in a Car Dock or Desk Dock

Trying to turn on and unlock your phone while driving is dangerous!
Removing your phone from a dock will restore the previous settings

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Release Notes:

v1.8- Icon in Notification Bar While Docked, click to relaunch app! (Also fixed the service crash bug in 1.75) v1.7- Disable Lockscreen & unlock phone when launching program
v1.6- Multimedia Home/Car Home always available (so you can use the Multimedia Clock app in your car!)
v1.5- Launch a program when you dock, New Icon
v1.4- Wifi, Auto Speakerphone/Headset when docked
v1.3- Bluetooth Settings- On, Off and Reset (off then on)- Reset is to fix problems w/ some car stereos that do not properly reconnect
v1.2- Add Configuration Screen- You can now specify the timeout for each dock (instead of 'Never')
v1.1- Fixed bug w/ display setting not being restored properly the first time the program is run.
v1.0- Initial Release


Does exactly what it says and does it well.

Like it. Works. Bluetooth on and off, wifi on and off, never sleep, etc. Really makes the cardock and the deskdock. Should be in operating system.
        --mike j

Does what it says, simple and effective.

This app is essential for use with the car dock. Worth its weight in gold for the speakerphone toggle alone.

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